Kenny Weeks  

 Kenny has been working in the tourism industry here in Panama since 1996. He’s guided through the country for most of his career travelling with visitors from border to border showing the beauties of nature and cultural aspects of every región.He is an enthusiastic guide who is excellent with children of all ages. 
Born and raised in a small town out of Panama city surrounded with lush vegetation, wildlife, and
forest areas made his passion for nature and wildlife build up  to become his career. His career began guiding Adventure tours in remote forest areas, hiking, rafting, mountain biking, etc… He has worked in large pioneer  eco-tour companies, Tour Wholesalers, Adventure Operators and outfitters doing logistics, operations, and guiding of Nature Programs, Group Programs, Day trips, and cruises. Kenny has dedicated the last 10 years of his career as a Freelance Nature Guide and Trip Leader. Since the past season Whale Watching Panama has seen Kenny as an experienced guide and naturalist to conduct whale watching trips in Las Perlas.

 Joshua Hall

 Joshua studied ecotourism at university in Panama and is currently pursuing a degree in tourism business administration. He has a deep love for nature, rainforests, mangroves, coral reefs and the indigenous communities of Panama. 
Joshua currently volunteers for an NGO, Afotur, in a tourism development program that sends provisions to a local community on the Chagres River. At his young age, he has already developed an extensive knowledge of the history of the Panama Canal, as well as the ecology and culture of Panama.  He enjoys travelling throughout the country learning about culture, history, traditions, and the flora and fauna. He enjoys learning about the whales and dolphins and sharing what he has learned with our guests.

 Cristian Moreno

 Cristian is one of Panama's best Naturalist guides and has a degree in Tourism and Civil Engineering. He is a popular guide and works as a freelance Naturalist guide for many tour companies in Panama as well as is a regular Naturalist with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic tours. 

  Cristian is also a university professor and loves to share the natural beauty of Panama with visitors.   Specializing in bird watching and ecology, he also has a passion for indigenous cultures, hiking and 

Anne Gordon de Barrigon    

 Anne grew up boating in the San Juan islands in the Pacific NW of the USA and remembers seeing Orca whales passing by as she did her homework on the beach near her childhood home in Olympia, Washington.  She graduated with a Biology and Animal Behavior degree. She has worked as a zoo keeper at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo and trained wild animals to present in school assemblies teaching wildlife and appreciation and respect.  She also trained animals, both wild & domestic for the TV & film industry for over 20 years.  

Our Team

Meet our dedicated and passionate owners and guides who love to share their expertise and knowledge of the whales and dolphins and the marine environment with all of our clients. All of us at Whale Watching Panama are committed to Responsible and Respectful whale and dolphin observations.

Our Team

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Anne now lives in Panama and is married to an Emberá Indian man, Otniel Barrigón, whose family still lives in traditional villages in the jungle.  She also conducts day and overnight tours to the Emberá Indian village to meet her Emberá family.       Anne co-founded Whale Watching Panama in 2005 when she realized nobody was offering whale and dolphin tours here in Panama. She loves spending time out with the whales and dolphins and likes nothing more than to share the beauty of the whales and dolphins and her knowledge and love of them with her clients. Anne also enjoys the spiritual aspect of the whales and dolphins and is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing practitioner. On her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats she shares more about the spiritual lessons she has learned from the whales and dolphins.

Otniel Barrigon    

 Otniel is an indigenous man from the Embera tribe who still live in traditional villages in the rainforest of Panama. Otniel and Anne co-own Whale Watching Panama. They first met when Anne came to Panama training animals for a movie that Otniel and other Embera tribe members were hired to work as actors. 
Otniel helps with a lot of the behind the scenes preparation for the tours, such as maintaining the company van, buying the snacks and drinks for your tour and is often your van driver. He loves to

 Betzi Perez 

Betzi love of nature began at an early age, when she spent much of her childhood on farms here in Panama.  She soon realized that she wanted to work closely with nature. She completed her bachelor's degree in biology at the University of Panama.  While doing graduate work on a coral reef in Isla Iguana, she saw a whale for the first time.  At that very moment, she decided she wanted to study whales and they became her passion.  After graduating, Betzi went on to get a master’s degree in marine mammals at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma in México, where she specialized in the study of humpback whales.
study also led me to study other interactions such as dolphin sound and fish sounds.    ​  She has worked in marine education programs with the Smithsonian Institute, designing the content of interpretative exhibits to teach about the conservation of all marine ecosystems and marine life to students and general public.  She also holds a boat driving license, diving instructor and first aid instructor certificates.  
She is constantly impressed how intelligent these animals are and how much they need us to be the voice that protects them. 
She loves being connected to nature in general and trying to understand any life captivating process and behavior.  She is an animal defender and that love for animals provides her with the inspiration to be committed to offer others what she knows, with patience but in a proactive manner. Ask her and be assured that if she doesn’t know the answer she will find a way to get back to you about it !.

trekking.  He is a certified scuba diver and is often found exploring coral reefs along the coasts of Panama.  As a naturalist guide and expedition leader he has led groups to all corners of Panama and all along its shores.

She has worked as a research assistant for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute on many projects, including the most recent studies to advise maritime shipping traffic for the Panama canal to lower their speeds and avoid high whale concentration areas in Panama waters.

come along on the whale watching tours as the official photographer. Even though he was born and raised in the jungle in the Chagres National park and had never seen a whale or a dolphin before he met and married Anne, he has excellent spotting eyes for finding the whales and dolphins. Otniel has a charming personality and even though his English is limited he manages to communicate well with everyone. When Otniel is on the tour, you will not only be guaranteed a fun whale watching trip, but you will also learn about his tribe and about the warmth of the Embera people.

Whale Watching Panama

Inez Campbell  

As far as she can remember, she has always wanted to learn everything about the ocean, and especially about dolphins and whales.   She has a Master’s degree in Marine Resource Development and Protection and a PhD on Marine Biology specializing on marine mammals and dolphin acoustics.   Inez has a passionate interest in the conservation of dolphins and whales by targeting and addressing anthropogenic threats to their behavior and environment. 
 Her recent study covered an analysis on the background noise in the Pacific region of the Panama Canal, especially that of shipping noise, and how this could have any effect to these populations.  This