Whale Watching Panama

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Contributing authors are Nina Brown, Grandma Chandra, Celeste Eaton, Mary J Getten, Roberta Goodman, Sierra Goodman, Anne Gordon de Barrigon, Cyndie Lepori, Megan Leupold, Joebaby Noonan, Joan Ocean, Frederique Pichard, Trish Regan & Doug Hackett, Laurie Reyon, Linda Shay, Debbie Takara Shelor, Teresa Wagner and Madeleine Walker.  The stunning cover artwork and interior design is by Jean-Luc Bozzoli.
"This is our new book! A book that will cause you to laugh and to cry tears of joy, recognition and appreciation. Everyone who loves dolphins and whales or wants to learn more about their incredible examples of good living, kind giving and advanced captivating behaviors, will want to consume every word written in this unique and all-encompassing book written by 19 experts in the field of cetacean communication, meditation, healing and international ocean-swimming. Don't pass up the chance to enlighten your heart and comfort your soul with this inspiring book. The very process of its manifestation is an example of dolphin podmind and cooperation ... Working as a team, as a family, we submitted our stories, led by our tireless and experienced leader, Takara Shelor. This is the product of our union..... Of our podliness and love for each other and our dolphin and whale brothers and sisters. I hope you enjoy it as much as Jean-Luc and I have enjoyed contributing to it."

Dolphins & Whales Forever

This book is a collaboration of inspiring life experiences from some of the world's top whale and dolphin visionaries, including Anne Gordon de Barrigon, founder of Whale Watching Panama.
Each chapter of this exciting new book is written by a different whale and dolphin wisdom teacher, healer or communicator from around the world.  These stories will touch your heart and help you open a spiritual connection with dolphins and whales. This is what our friend and co-author Joan Ocean says about it:

Announcing our New Book