The best of all is when the whales and dolphins decide to come check us out and swim directly under the boat to give us an incredible close up view. We have even had the whales swim under the boat and turn and look up at us as we are looking down at them! Truly an unforgettable experience.

Large Group Yachts 

 For even larger groups we have a boat that can hold up to 150 people, perfect for a convention or corporate event. 

Azuleta - a 90' wooden hull sailboat that is great for groups of up to 50 people for a day tour from Panama city or Isla Contadora.  The Azuleta is also perfect for multiple day tours with the capacity to sleep up to 10 guests.  We use the Azuleta for our 6 day Isla Coiba trips.

Playa Blanca - This beautiful luxury motor catamaran is perfect for groups from 15-18 people.  It has great viewing space both on the main deck as well as the bridge.  Shaded areas on the bridge, back deck and an air conditioned salon.  It is fast enough to get out to the Pearl islands and back for a one day tour  from the city, giving you the best chance to see the whales. 

Panamar - This boat is perfect for very large groups of up to 150 people.  It has ample space and shade for open, unobstructed viewing of the whales and dolphins for everyone on board.  The top and back decks are fully shaded.  The main cabin has windows all around and comfortable seats and tables to sit and relax on the way to the whales.  It also has bathrooms and a barbecue grill for an optional picnic lunch on board.  An added feature is that this boat can do a beach landing, and you can descend drop down stairs from the front deck to easily step right onto the beach, eliminating tricky dinghy transfers to the shore.


 We like to support the local fisherman whenever we can. The local boat captains have turned to tourism for their sole source of income. On our half day or 3 hour whale and dolphin tours we often go out on the local panga style boats. These boats are very safe and these locals were born and raised fishing in these waters. The Pangas are fast and easily manuevered around the whales for a safe and incredible up close and personal encounter. 

Glass Bottom Boat 

 For our full day or half day whale and dolphin tours we use this 32' glass bottom boat. It has comfortable seating and shade for up to 12 people, and the entire center section of the boat is reinforced glass, to give you a unique "whale's eye" perspective of the ocean below you. We pass over coral reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish. We can see sea turtles, sting rays and even sharks through the glass bottom. 

 Catamaran Sailboat

On our full day tours from Contadora Island we use a spacious and comfortable catamaran sailboat for a relaxing day of whale or dolphin watching. The catamaran is perfect for our " land lubber" guests as the dual hull makes the boat extremely stable. The boat has a full galley (boat talk for kitchen) and several bathrooms and cabins for complete comfort. We also use the catamaran for our multiple day tours and our 5 day Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats.

Open Speed Yachts    

We work with a number of experienced and excellent captains with fast and safe open speed boats for our whale and dolphin tours that depart from Panama city. These boats can easily handle the open seas and get you out to the prime Humpback whale sighting areas around the Pearl Islands in 1.5 hours. 


We use a variety of boats for our tours. Check them all out here! 
In order to provide our guests with a fun variety of boat options for our tours, we do not own any boats, but we charter the perfect style and size of boat for your group size, interests and for maximum viewing of the whales and dolphins with minimum impact on the animals and the environment.


Whales Guaranteed Large Group Boat    

The Taboga Express is a brand new, fast motor catamaran that has a capacity of 60 people for whale watching (125 as a ferry). It can easily reach the Pearl Islands in 1.5 hours. Because it is a catamaran this boat is much more stable and comfortable than any regular single hull boat. It has open viewing from all sides, front and back, and ample seating for all passengers. It has shade and two bathrooms. It has state of the art navigation, GPS and communication systems and has US Coast Guard approved life jackets and life rafts for 135 people.

Whale Watching Panama