Responsible Whale Watching 

 Whale Watching Panama is proud to be dedicated to promoting responsible whale and dolphin watching around the world. 


 Panama is an amazing place of natural beauty, huge biodiversity, including 30 species of cetaceans, rich cultural diversity with 7 unique indigenous tribes, a fun and colorful history with Spanish conquistadors and British pirates, a modern and bustling city, two oceans only 50 miles (80 km) apart and of course one of the 7 man made wonders of the world, the Panama Canal. And, of course the only place in the world (along with Costa Rica) where Humpback whales come from both the North and South to breed and give birth.


Our Team - Learn more about our company's founders and expert Biologist guides who are eager to share their knowledge and passion for the whales and dolphins with you. 
Humpback Whales -
Find out more about the fascinating Humpback whales before you take your tour.

Dolphins - Learn more about the species of dolphins you are most likely to see on your tour.

Boats-We use a variety of boats on our tours, depending on what is best for that tour.  Check them all out here. 

Panama- Why Panama? July-October we have over 2,000 Humpback whales and a 99% success rate in seeing them on our tours. Panama is virtually undiscovered as a whale watching destination, so you may be the only boat with the whales. 

Contadora Island in the Pearl Islands - Contadora Island is one of the famed Pearl Islands, located 35 miles South of Panama City.  A beautiful, tranquil island where you can watch the whales from one of 7 white sand beaches.

Responsible Whale Watching - Whale Watching Panama is dedicated to always observing marine life in a Responsible, Respectful and Sustainable manner.  


Whale Watching Panama

Contadora Island in the Pearl Islands 

 Contadora Island is the most developed and easiest to reach Pearl Islands. It has 7 beautiful white sand beaches, 7 hotels, 6 restaurants, daily flights and ferry service from Panama City. It is also located right in the middle of the favorite breeding and birthing grounds of the Humpback whales. It is nor uncommon to be able to see the whales while standing on the beach! Isla Contadora is a perfect place for a relaxing beach vacation and to base your whale watching tours from. 


 We use a variety of boats for our different tours. Luxury catamaran sailboats for our full day tours from Contadora Island and our multiple day packages. A Glass bottom boat for full day tours from Contadora Island or for our 3 hour tours. Local panga style boats for our 3 hours tours from Contadora. Fast, open style speed boats and yachts for our full day tours from Panama city, and a 90' wooden sail boat for large groups for day tours and our Isla Coiba Cruises. For even larger groups we have a boat that can hold up to 150 people, perfect for a convention or corporate event. 


 Here in Panama we have 12 species of dolphins found in our waters. Ten species are found on the Pacific side. Most commonly we see the Pantropical spotted dolphins and the large Pacific bottlenose dolphins. Occasionally we also see the Short-beaked common dolphins and Spinner dolphins. The dolphins here friendly and often curious about us. They enjoy bow riding our boats and even swimming with us on our tours. 

 Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are known as the acrobats of the sea for putting on a great show at the surface. Breaching (full out of water jumps) pec slaps (pectoral fin slapping), Tail lobs (tail slapping) which you may be able to see some or all of these behaviors on your tour. Listen to their mysterious song on our underwater Hydrophone. Humpbacks are the fourth largest whale on Earth measuring up to 50 feet (15 meters) and weight about 1 ton per foot! That means they are about the size of a city bus. They migrate up to 6,000 miles (over 9,000 km) to reach their tropical birthing and breeding areas.         

Meet Our Team    

Anne Gordon de Barrigon founder, owner and expert Biologist guide. 
Otniel Barrigon owner, logistics manager and expert eyes for spotting whales and dolphins.

Beny Wilson Expert Biologist guide with whales, dolphins and Panama's foremost bird watching guide
Cristian Moreno Expert Biologist guide with whales and dolphins.

Betzi Perez Biologist with a Masters degree studying Humpback whales with the Smithsonian Inst.
Inez Campbell Marine Biologist, a PhD in marine mammals and dolphin acoustics and has worked with the Smithsonian Institute.

Joshua Hall - Expert Naturalist guide with whales and dolphins.
Kenny Weeks - Expert Naturalist guide with whales and dolphins.